Levitating Bonsai
Levitating Bonsai
Levitating Bonsai
Levitating Bonsai
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Levitating Bonsai

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Get the Levitating Bonsai to Add a Calming Presence to Any Area!

Looking for a beautiful decorative item for home or office? With our elegantly designed Levitating Bonsai, float any plant in the mid-air to create a spellbinding atmosphere.

Levitating Bonsai Helps to Levitate Any Type of Live or Artificial Plant Including Small Bonsai Trees So That You Can Create a Magical Environment for Any Space.


CREATE MAGICAL EFFECT: This is a magic air bonsai which can float in the mid-air. The air bonsai includes a pot, a base, and a power adapter. The floating bonsai helps to float the soil-looking planter directly above it, giving off the illusion that the tree and the soil its planted in are magically suspended in mid-air.

DISTINCTIVE DECOR: Elegant and stylish design make it a unique and beautiful decor for your bedroom or office. This floating bonsai enhances any home or office. A perfect conversation piece, your guests will be amazed by seeing the floating plants. Also, a great gift for your friends and family.

EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: This distinctive floating bonsai is very easy to install and easy to maintain, no tools needed. Set this gravity-defying pot near a window that gets full sunlight. As it floats above its base & rotates slowly, your floating plants will absorb vital nutrients from air & sun.

MAGNETIC LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY: This air bonsai adopts electromagnetic levitation technology. You can make the plant pot float in midair very easily. The hovering planter and beautiful design on the base create a soothing & relaxing atmosphere.

PERFECT FOR MOST PLANTS: Our air bonsai features magnetic pot where you can plant any potted plant. The plant pot slowly rotates adding an additional mesmerizing effect. Perfect for small indoor bonsai or other small plants.

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